Would you like to earn extra money from your second house? List your apartment in Venice!

Here below what we usually offer to the owner aiming to list an apartment or villa in Venicesplash. For more information please fill in our form .


Are you a property owner?

Do you belong a property in Venice, Mestre, Jesolo, Caorle, Treviso, Padova and so on? A nice unit on the water, a cozy flat or a big 'Villa veneta' in the countryside? Would you like to get an extra income by letting Venicesplash rent your property on your behalf?

the multichannel manager

Venicesplash Multichannel manager

Owners and Renters like that we advertise our rentals beyond just this website, and use a multi-channel approach and also list on many of the popular industry portals. This allows us to reach more renters with our message and better keep our units booked.

How do we market your property?

Venicespash - targetting audience

We use methods that have been proven to work including Search Engine, PPC and Distribution Channels. When you list your apartment with us your property will automatically be in front of millions of visitors.

When we visit your property

Venicesplash - taking pictures of apartments

We usually meet owners at their place. We love to get in touch with them and 'breath' their homes that later could be listed in Venicesplash. we take pictures: apartments listed with good looking pictures have 40% more probabilities to get booked. Venicesplash offers real estate photo shooting on location. It's free in case you want to list. We let you in: would you like to login and see your booking? With Venicesplash you can. Apply for a personal login+password. Nothing could be easier.

Your owner's login

Venicesplash - Owner Login

As professional Property Managers we provide each of our property owners with a login to a secure place behind the scenes just for them. This "Owner's Extranet" provides 24/7/365 access to monthly reports, booking calendar, statements, and an easy to use tool to make an "Owner Booking". The Owner's Extranet is just one more way we provide our owner's peace of mind about their investment.


Venicesplash - Reports

Bookings, payments, details. Everything in a bunch and ready for a monthly or periodic report.

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